Silver Creek Bluegrass Festival

Frogwater show on Friday, September 13, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

From allevents.inalgoma: "Superior Bluegrass Bands! Great Food! Family Friendly! Pet Friendly! Thursday, Free Admission!! Tuck Pence 8:00-10:30pm. Friday, $15pp, 1pm-2am- The Outskirts, Hott Saxx, Hand-Picked Bluegrass, Frogwater, Good Time Specials, Burnt Toast & Jam, Tuck Pence. Saturday, $25pp, 11am-2am- Hand-Picked Bluegrass, Hott Saxxx, Tuck Pence, Oak Street Ramblers, Open Mic, Good Time Specials, Monsters of Grass. A Weekend Pass is $35pp. Camping $10pp (no elect. or water hookup)."

Algoma Hunting & Fishing Club the Breumerville County Park
N7809 Willow Dr.

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