"De-Cruit: Cry Havoc" - National Veterans Theater Festival

Other Local Culture we SUPPORT show on Sunday, May 26, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 2:55 PM

Jason Moon & Frogwater will be the "house band" in the lobby pre-show! De-Cruit: Cry Havoc Performed by Stephan Wolfert Approximately 75 minutes Using Shakespeare’s timeless words, and a few of his own, actor/veteran Stephan Wolfert leads us on an interactive journey to meet Shakespeare’s veterans. He also brings us face to face with one of the most vexing military – and civilian – problems of our time. Men and women are tested and trained before entering the military. While serving in the military, they continue to be tested and trained to ensure “combat readiness”. But there’s no “off switch”. After years of testing and training to maintain combat readiness, there is no testing and training to leave military service and rejoin the civilian world. Shakespeare had something to say about that. He wrote about the relationships between veterans, politicians and civilians. He wrote about how these relationships can either prevent or create havoc. De-Cruit: Cry Havoc unites veterans with civilians. It shows us that the military men and women of Shakespeare’s time wrestled with the same hopes and worries that occupy our modern lives. It explores the difficulties that our veterans and their families face. And maybe, just maybe, it will help them truly come home.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater - Stiemke Studio
From the Milwaukee Rep's website: "The Stiemke Studio is located on the ground floor of the Milwaukee Center Rotunda in the northwest corner near the gold escalator. The Stiemke Studio black box is a blank canvas for the designers; typically seating just over 200, patrons may be seated in two sections of seats looking down at either side of the action taking place in an aisle down the middle or more traditional banks of raked seating. Everything in this space can be changed to best suit the director’s concept for the show and no two shows in this space are alike."
108 East Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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